Sweet Deliveries around Spokane

Lil Sumthin’ Saloon

The Lil Sumthin’ Saloon opened its doors on New Year’s Eve 2019 and spent the first two months of the year welcoming patrons to their lilliputian corner of Texas flavor in downtown Spokane. But with a footprint of 600 square feet and no outdoor seating, Lil Sumthin’ faced an uphill climb in terms of Washington state’s COVID-19 reopening procedures. So when to-go cocktails were approved this summer, the gang at Lil Sumthin’ strapped on their spurs and got to work developing a menu of margaritas and martinis that pair perfectly with their new loaded hot dogs.
On Sundays, treat yourself to brunch in bed with Lil Sumthin’s kolaches and their spicy Bloody Mary, guaranteed to warm you up when the weather outside is frightful. (photos courtesy of Lil Sumthin’)

301 W Second Ave
Spokane, WA 99201

Breaüxdoo Bakery

There’s never a bad time for fresh-baked cookies. But sometimes the craving strikes and you just can’t be bothered to bring butter to room temperature, pull out the mixer and whip up a homemade batch.
Since launching in early June, Gage Lang and his team of nocturnal bakers at Breaüxdoo Bakery have been churning out and delivering late-nights goodies to hungry and home-bound Spokanites who don’t want to make a mess of the kitchen.
Breaüxdoo operates out of downtown Spokane’s River City Kitchen and has recently expanded its offerings to include cakes in addition to their lineup of cookies. And it doesn’t stop there as Lang has eyes on eventually growing Breaüxdoo into a space of its own, especially as the city recovers and folks downtown revelers look for late night treats on the go.

221 W 1st Ave #D
Spokane, WA 99201

The Donut Route

Jeremy Clark loves donuts, so when COVID-19 sent everyone into lockdown, he spent many mornings shaping, frying and glazing up homemade wheels of dough for his wife Holly and their two young daughters. As Jeremy got more practice and started experimenting with various recipes for scratch-made donuts, the Clarks started looking at ways they could expand their operation.
Jeremy had always dreamed of starting a donut business, but how does a new, cottage operation reach customers during a global pandemic? Delivery, of course.
The Donut Route allows Spokanites to place orders online during the week; then the Clarks deliver their fresh donuts to local doorsteps on Saturday and Sunday mornings.
They started booking early morning prep-time at Northtown Mall’s Kitchen Spokane, a commissary-style commercial ghost-kitchen, frying up donuts from 2-8am before setting off on their deliveries.
Currently, the Donut Route can handle approximately 20 dozen donuts and deliveries each day, and the reception has been great. Jeremy and his assistant, Stan, with some help from their taste-testing tots, have added a variety of donuts to their offerings including an apple fritter and other seasonal flavors.
Another perk of making donut deliveries is market research. The Clarks are learning where Spokane’s most donut-starved customers live for when they make the jump to a location of their own! (photos courtesy of The Donut Route)