Discover Market Programs…

such as KERNEL, SNAP Match and others!

Many markets participate in local, regional, and statewide programs as a way to make shopping more accessible and affordable for the neighborhood customers they aim to serve. One such program is SNAP Match. Through SNAP Match, community members who might normally use their EBT and SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) benefits at a local grocery store can shop at local markets.  A shopper who wants to spend $20 via EBT can stop by the market’s information booth and receive a credit equal to that amount allowing them to buy more fresh produce and putting those funds directly into the pockets of local farmers.

The INWFMA has partnered with Catholic Charities to bring KERNEL to many local markets this season. Standing for “Kids Eating Right Nutrition and Exercise for Life,” KERNEL invites kids and families to learn while enjoying the market. Just ask the market’s information booth if they participate in KERNEL; soon your kids will have a unique activity kit that will teach them about food, farming and nutrition that can instill in them a lifetime appreciation of our local farmers and markets! Some markets even offer Kid Cash, granting even the youngest market-goers the opportunity to meet a farmer and buy a piece of locally-grown produce they can take home and enjoy!