Little Market on 195

Tuesdays, 4pm-7pm
Season Ends September 14
705 E Cameron Rd
Spangle WA 99031

 There’s a little market just south of Spokane making a big splash in their community. Teresa, Betsy, Kathy and Laurie, along with the market’s mascot, an adorable 1930’s flatbed Ford, have started quite the buzz down in Spangle. Though located in “farm-country” the area was not being served by a local farmers market until this group of friends got together in 2020 to organize a market of their own.

Teresa and her husband own 195 Industries where the market is held, giving the Little Market the unique distinction of being a private market established to serve the public good.

These ladies have a real knack for bringing their community together and aim to bring a feeling of southern hospitality to the Palouse.

Entering their second season, the Little Market boasts vendors offering hand-sewn items, flower bouquets, vintage farmhouse decor, rustic wood signs, hand turned wooden kitchen utensils, coffee, baked goods and even a local granola company. Each Tuesday, organizers bring in a rotation of local crafters, farmers, bakers, artists, food trucks and ranchers to sell alongside the regulars.

When asked what they wanted the community to get out of their little market, the women agreed that if it served as a way to bring neighbors together, they would consider the market a success.

Take a drive down through the Palouse to the Little Market on 195 Tuesday afternoons and visit this step back in time where you’re greeted like family, old-fashioned fun is very much in style, and you leave having made new friends.

by Jamie Aquino

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