PNW Doughnuts bring a gluten free treat to the market

Encountering the sweet smell of doughnuts on a fall afternoon at Green Bluff is always a treat, but now that same aroma is available at the Liberty Lake Farmers Market thanks to Alicia and Neal Woodard of Woodard Family Farms and PNW Doughnuts. For four years now, the farming and frying Woodard family have been serving up these gluten free treats seasonally throughout the Inland Northwest, but it all started with a passion for food and their small family farm in North Spokane.

Flush with fresh produce on the farm, the couple decided to try removing gluten from their diets for personal health reasons. They set out to create all their favorite foods in a gluten free fashion and wisely decided to start with doughnuts.

After settling on a recipe they liked, the Woodards decided to share their hole-some treats with the public. Alicia and Neal were already selling their produce at area farmers markets and they noticed that there was a need for gluten free options to satisfy hungry patrons. PNW Doughnuts quickly gained popularity among those requiring something gluten free and others just looking for a delicious snack while at the market.

The Woodards offer a rotation of flavors and they are always working to create new recipes to satisfy their customers—this year the Woodards are experimenting with baked doughnuts covered in pink and maple frostings to go along with their fried fritters tossed in cinnamon sugar, served PB+J-style, or even covered with peanut butter cups!

Come fall, you can find PNW Doughnuts at Green Bluff serving up their famous Fall Pumpkin Doughnuts and other seasonal flavors at Big Barn Brewing. The relationship between Big Barn Brewing and PNW Doughnuts has been such a boon to the community because it brings a gluten free option to the fall festivities at the bluff, something that had been lacking until they arrived, now ensuring that families will be able to find something for everyone while enjoying all the excitement of the season.

You can find PNW Doughnuts and Woodard Family Farms at the Liberty Lake Farmers Market on Saturdays from 9-1 through August and PNW Doughnuts at Big Barn Brewing on weekends starting in September through October.

Profile by Mandy Braviroff
Photos courtesy of PNW Doughnuts