Mama Torrez Salsa Travels to New Mexico for Fresh Hatch Chiles

Mama Torrez salsas are everywhere these days. Since launching in 2012, owners Fred and Gilda Meyer now make six varieties of authentic Mexican-style salsas and three different types of chips. You can find the couple offering samples of Gilda’s family recipes at local farmers markets and the salsas for sale at many regional grocery stores. But the Meyers’ reach isn’t limited to Spokane.

Recently, the Mama Torrez crew made the 3,000-mile round trip to Hatch, New Mexico. There, they stocked up on almost 3,500 pounds of fresh Hatch chiles, where the eponymous pepper thrives in the hot, southwest sun of late summer. But the pepper is available for only a short period, so Mama Torrez will make the trip again in mid-September in order to roast enough chiles to satisfy savvy Spokane snackers.

Fred notes that the smoky flavor is what really makes the Hatch chiles unique and their heat mellows out during the roasting process. The result is a mild salsa that goes well with eggs and potatoes. If that sounds like too much work, all you need to enjoy Mama Torrez’s red and green Hatch salsas is a good chip!


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