Fresh Spokane Strawberries

Despite the rain’s best efforts to keep us away from the Thursday Market on Perry Street yesterday, the sun came out and it turned out to be a beautiful night in Spokane. Since it was the first Thursday since school let out for summer, the market doubled in size and there were a number of great new vendors with fresh produce and fun foods to check out.

Fresh Strawberries

I picked up two cartons of perfectly red strawberries and some microbasil from Full Bushel Farm and when I got home I set out to make a semifreddo to celebrate the official start of summer. It is the easiest dessert to whip up–the hardest part is waiting for it to semi-freeze overnight!

The semifreddo base is only lightly sweetened with honey because I wanted to highlight the natural sugar of the berries, but you could use agave or confectioners sugar.

And be sure to use a GOOD balsamic vinegar (my choice is Ritrovo, available locally at Petunia’s Market). The acid will help cut through the richness of the semifreddo and complement the fresh sweet strawberries and savory basil.



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