Celebrating the Flavors of Fall at Green Bluff

For residents of the Inland Northwest, Green Bluff is arguably the epicenter of fall family fun. From pumpkin and apple picking, traversing acres of corn mazes, to simply enjoying the crisp autumn air with friends, families make Green Bluff an integral part of their harvest-time tradition. There’s no question that this favorite growing region also boasts some of the most beloved harvest sweets around. These delectable treats have been passed down through generations of Green Bluff’s farmer families, and they continue to delight visitors from around the world.

Whether you are a new visitor to Green Bluff, or you’ve been going there all your life, you will surely agree that its charm comes not only from its many acres of picturesque farms and bountiful produce, but also from the people who make delectable treats with the fruits of their bounty. These special treats can be found in every corner of Green Bluff, with their own unique stories of legacy and love. 

Beck's Harvest House

The now world-famous pumpkin donuts are a staple at Gordon Beck’s Harvest House, where he has been frying up hundreds of thousands of these delicious circles of joy from a decades-old secret family recipe. People line up for the donuts, sometimes waiting up to two hours, and traveling hundreds of miles, to get their hands on Green Bluff’s favorite treat.

Beck’s Harvest House
9919 Greenbluff Road | Colbert, WA 99005 509.238.6970 | greenblufffarms.com

Green Bluff Community United Methodist Church

Across the street, at the Green Bluff Community United Methodist Church, Jess and Nancy Baker and their apprentice, 13-year-old Brighton Rhys, whip up several hundred apple dumplings a week for three weekends every October. These round pockets of sweet, cinnamon apple goodness are made with apples donated by nearby farms, and the dumpling and vanilla sauce recipes have been passed down to Nancy by the church ladies who have gone before her, and will get passed down to whoever takes her place after she’s gone. (Brighton hopes it will be him.) It is a heartwarming Green Bluff tradition that keeps families coming back year after year.

Green Bluff Community United Methodist Church
9908 E Greenbluff Rd | Colbert, WA 99005 509.238.9100

Hansen's Green Bluff Orchard

Down the road at Hansen’s Greenbluff Orchard, Karen Hansen and her crew labor for hours to pick, chop, and press apples from their orchard, which boasts over 50 varieties, to make her famous chunky apple sauce with caramel topping. People line up to get bowls full of this warm apple treat that is unlike anything you can find anywhere in the world. Karen also uses her own decades-old family recipe, which she hopes to pass down to her children and grandchildren so that future visitors of their orchard can enjoy the sweet tradition for years to come. Hansen’s also makes some of the finest apple ciders and caramel apples in Green Bluff, which change throughout the apple harvest season based on the varieties of apples that are ripe. 


 Hansens Green Bluff Orchard
8215 E Green Bluff Rd | Colbert, WA 99005

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