Introducing Mandy Braviroff of Spokane Gluten Free Eats

Edible Inland Northwest is pleased to introduce Mandy Braviroff to our contributor team. Mandy was diagnosed with Celiac Disease over 10 years ago and has spent the past decade learning to live a gluten-free life and finding local restaurants, products and recipes to help her stay healthy and well-fed! We look forward to sharing more insights from Mandy with our readers and the community.

Hi, I’m Mandy Braviroff of Spokane Gluten Free Eats. I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease back in 2009 following an accident that left me with severe nerve damage and chronic pain all while suffering from several autoimmune issues that would not remedy on their own. Getting the diagnosis actually helped put me on a path to my own health and healing and provided me with a greater understanding about food and how it can power the body back into wellness. While researching and trying to understand more about celiac disease and its triggers, I was shocked to learn how hard it was to truly eat gluten-free. In America, wheat is a main ingredient placed into a lot of unsuspecting foods and products such as soy sauce, makeup, medications, and even tea.

In 2016 I began working with Celiacs and Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity (NCGS) patients in Spokane as an advocate and sending them where they needed to go for resources and even places to eat and shop. And then it hit me, in this world of social media and self-help bloggers, why not start a gluten free food blog and help people that way?

So, in January of 2017, Spokane Gluten Free Eats was born. I did journalism for a semester back in College and really took to writing and photography, so starting the blog was almost like picking up that bike after 15 years and riding it again. It has been a wonderful and sometimes challenging experience helping local folks and restaurants better understand celiac disease and how accommodating gluten-free foods can be easier than just slapping on a “GF” label or offering up a plate of vegetables, but I have enjoyed every minute of it. I hope you follow along with me and this new journey at Edible Inland Northwest. Our aim is to provide helpful ways to eat, explore and enjoy gluten-free right here in the beautiful Northwest.