Help support the INWFMA and the Farmers to Families program

In this issue of Edible Inland Northwest, we shared how the Farmers to Families program has been making a difference in Spokane and Eastern Washington throughout the Covid-19 pandemic and while many of our neighbors have faced food insecurity.

Locally, the Farmers to Families program brought together over 10 farmers markets, 20 non-profits and 300 small- to medium-sized farms to source healthy food for those in need. Led by the Inland Northwest Farmers Market Association (INWFMA,) these efforts resulted in 7,768 boxes of food, totaling over 155,360 pounds of local, quality food over the past four months.

Unfortunately, last week the federal government stopped funding the INWFMA’s Farmers to Families program in favor of three large, out-of-state distributors.

At this time, the INWFMA is trying to regain funding from the USDA, but they need your help.

Please consider signing the INWFMA’s petition and donating to the organization so they can continue supporting our local farmers and families until federal funding can again be secured.