New Spokane Breweries Lead the Way

 by scott linklater

The Hidden Mother Brewery
1303 N Washington Street, Suite B | Spokane, WA 99201
509.919.3595 |

For The Love of God Brewing
2617 W Northwest Boulevard | Spokane, WA 99205
509.598.8601 |

Brick West Brewing
1318 W 1st Avenue | Spokane, WA 99201
509.279.2982 |

2019 was a big year for Spokane’s brewing community capped by breaking into the top 50 “Best Cities for Beer Drinkers” (currently #47 according to one list). And though Washington state has garnered national attention for its barley-pop scene, something that has been brewing for many years, it appears Spokane isn’t taking its foot off the pedal.

Recently, there is no shortage of fresh paint and pints as new and outstanding breweries seem to open every week. In fact, smart money says our burgeoning city leap-frogs up that list in 2020. Here are three new breweries that will help make our collective case for top 25 status.

When visiting The Hidden Mother Brewery (HMB), the first words that come to mind are organic craftsmanship. HMB opened with a bang on Halloween of 2019 and introduced Spokane to some things we haven’t seen before. HMB manages to combine European uniqueness with accessibility, all while drawing on the heart of Inland Northwest influence and ingredients.

Not many (or any) other breweries can boast a partnership with STIHL chainsaws, but for HMB it’s a natural fit and a necessity when it comes to brewing their signature beer. Picture this: cut down a pine tree, hollow out a portion, brew an amazing Saison, and then run it through the tree for 45 minutes to pick up the flavor. Throw in some pink peppercorn and HMB’s flagship brew is born: the Pine Tree Saison.

Though the word Saison is French for “season”, the style is typically associated with Belgium. This beer represents the great care and craft that goes into a pint of perfection (or 10 ounces in this case). It is a magnificent beer.

It can be hard to get away from the Pine Tree Saison, but the HMB offers $2, 5 oz. pours in order to try all of their unique offerings. It really is a well-curated museum of quality and barley-inspired intrigue. Oh, and the name? It’s a call out to the yeast hidden in beer and a tip of the hat to the owners’ strong Catholic roots.

Take time to notice: While at the bar counter, take a close look at what’s flowing through the center. Also, take a minute to check out the lighting and you’ll notice laser-cut kegs featuring the HMB logo.

If Spokane continues to be recognized as a brewing frontier, we will likely be celebrating pioneers like Steve and Dawn Moss for their faith in innovation and commitment to experimentation. In Spokane’s brewing think-tank, a portion of its genius resides in this tasting room off Northwest Boulevard.

Heart-felt values and personality bring a cool vibe to the space and permeate the tasting room. The tap room is, in many ways, an extension of the creativity of the brewers and their beers each have a unique story to tell. Running a brewery is a hands-on job, but the Mosses have taken that logic to the next level. The bar, the tables, the chairs, the taps – all were handcrafted by the owners.

There is no such thing as a dull beer at For the Love of God Brewing, and their attention to detail is noteworthy. They always have interesting beers on tap which have ranged from a Strawberry-Rhubarb and Blueberry Mojito sours to their Passion and Pineapple Milkshake IPA. Served in tuliped Teku glasses, these beers are truly unlike any you’ve ever had before.

In 2020, look for this creativity to continue with beers named after each of the twelve disciples, starting with James the Less, who must have been a fan of New England Pale Ale.

Take time to notice: When they’re not brewing or drinking, the Mosses have been known to climb a rock face or two. Peek in the back room behind the bar and you’ll see two mounted finger boards used for strength training and pull-ups while the wort simmers!

After banging on the windows and begging for an open sign, Brick West Brewing opened in January and has proved to be worth the wait. Brick West combines the designs of a Munich beer hall with Spokane hip, featuring accessible beers that honor both German styles and Pacific Northwest sensibilities. Their cornerstone beer, the Brick West Pilsner, is a crisp, easy drinker, loyal to its Reinheitsgebot roots.

Brick West serves up local and regional sausages, brats and franks ordered via a touch-screen system and delivered so fast it should be dubbed the “Brat-obahn.” The cheddar brat, topped with sauerkraut, cream cheese and hot sauce paired perfectly with their Lucky Penny Copper Lager and the Zags game showing on a screen the size of a Volkswagon.

As spring turns to summer, the bay doors will open allowing the party to spill outside where revelers can enjoy their pints under the stars.

Take time to notice: On the roof of the brewery is a big, red grain elevator that isn’t just for looks. It houses the grain used in many of their beers.


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