Who We Are

About Edible Inland Northwest

Jeff Fijolek

Jeff was born and raised in Dallas, Texas, but it was regular family trips to Chicago, New York, Martha’s Vineyard and Tuscany that introduced him to his passions of food and design.

After attending St. Mark’s School of Texas, Jeff immersed himself in the Phoenix food scene while studying sustainability at Arizona State University. He then moved to New York City where he learned about GIS mapmaking, wine and spirits from the University of Southern California, a sommelier for Daniel Boulud and the head bartender of the NoMad Hotel and Joel Robuchon, respectively.

Jeff returned to Dallas and assisted friends and family in their real estate, restaurant and art businesses before moving to Spokane in 2018. Jeff is excited to learn and share exciting stories from his rapidly growing new hometown and Eastern Washington with Edible Inland Northwest.

Adriana Janovich

Adriana Janovich is an Eastern Washington-based food and travel writer and editor. Her work has appeared in the in-flight magazines for Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air, Edible Seattle, Fodor’s Pacific Northwest travel guides, and various newspapers around the state.

She spent five and a half years as the food editor at the Spokesman-Review in Spokane before joining Washington State Magazine as associate editor. She has bachelor’s degrees in journalism and the humanities from Seattle University and a master’s degree in specialized journalism from the University of Southern California, where she was an Annenberg Fellow.

She loves exploring the world of food — on the farm, in the kitchen, at the table, and all points in between. A good old-fashioned makes her happy. So does her grandmother’s pierogi.

Jamie Aquino

Jamie Aquino is a culinary class instructor with a focus on vegetarian, plant-based and farm-to-table food. She’s been teaching locally for almost a decade. Jamie also helped build and is currently the co-director of a community non-profit health education program. Jamie is passionate about sharing her knowledge of food, nutrition and all things local with her community.

Ari Nordhagen

Ari Nordhagen is a self-proclaimed “photogra-foodie” who loves travel, food & wine, art and supporting local entrepreneurs. Her spirit animal is the panda bear, because it “eats shoots and leaves” like she does (pun intended). She is a jack-of-all-trades wife and mom to four boys, and her family owns a 160-acre farm that is home to cattle, chickens, ducks, turkeys and enough fruits and veggies to feed an entire neighborhood.

Cara Strickland

Cara Strickland is an award-winning writer and former food critic specializing in food and drink. Her work has appeared in the Washington Post, Salon, Southwest, Time Out, Atlas Obscura, JSTOR Daily, the Rumpus and others. She has called Spokane home for over 20 years. Connect with her further at carastrickland.com.

Brittany Kulland

Brittany is an Inland Northwest baker with a passion for community and food. She has a degree in Hospitality Management, as well as Baking and Pastry. Her love of food and the local area have inspired her work in this and other local publications. She now works with the Inland Northwest Farmers Market Association, sourcing local and regional items to fill weekly food boxes for the food-insecure and underfed members of the community.

Noelle Loparco

Noelle is a passionate and devoted Sommelier with 15 years experience in fine dining and the realm of exquisite wines, learning a great deal along the way from phenomenally talented restaurateurs, chefs, distributors, winemakers and fellow Sommeliers which has served to deepen her love, appreciation and pursuit of knowledge in the world of wine. In 2020, she obtained her Introductory Sommelier Certification and is pursuing her Certified Certification in 2021.

David Otterstrom

David Otterstrom was born and raised in Spokane. His mother is an herbalist and taught him about local wild plants and their uses since he was a child. His interest in learning about wild edible plants increased over time, especially during the past 8 years. He is equally passionate about gardening. His love for gardening has become a major focus in his life.

David also enjoys singing and playing the piano. He received a degree in Vocal Performance from University of Idaho. He loves the outdoors, especially rockhounding and hiking throughout the Inland Northwest.